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Restoring Your Power

Outages occur most often during major storms and high winds. RP&L line crews and other personnel will work vigorously to restore lost power. Even though line crews may not be visible in your area, this does not mean that they are not working to restore your power.

Crews restore power to the most customers in the shortest period of time. Should your neighbors' power be restored before yours, you may be connected to a different transformer and will have power soon.

How RP&L Identifies a Power Outage:

In addition to your phone calls, RP&L's automated SCADA system quickly identifies power outages and locates their sources.

Our "Systems Control And Data Acquisition" system gathers information from each substation and alerts us of interruptions in service immediately. The SCADA system is monitored 24 hours a day.

Restoration Procedure:

  1. Remove downed power lines from roadways and yards.

  2. Check and restore power to any affected substations.

  3. Repair damaged overhead and underground distribution lines leaving a substation.

  4. Repair lines feeding large groups of homes.

  5. Repair lines going directly to a home.

Who is Responsible:

  Service Drop Weather Head
  Electric Meter Electric Service Entrance & Conduit
    Meter Base
  Underground Service Cable Electric Service Entrance & Conduit
  Electric Meter Meter Base