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Residential Rates

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Residential Electric Service (R) Appendix A (Rate Adjustments)
Outdoor Lighting Service (OL) Appendix B (Non-Recurring Charges)

Residential Electric Service

Rate Schedule R

To residential customers including rural customers for all domestic uses in individual private customer-occupied residences or dwellings and their appurtenances, when all service is taken through one meter. When service is supplied to a residential dwelling unit where the use is primarily for the accommodations of roomers or boarders, the service will be provided under Rate Schedule CL, the commercial lighting rate schedule, unless separate circuits are furnished by customer to permit the Utility to separately meter and bill the residential and commercial uses.

Alternating current, sixty Hertz, single phase, at a voltage of approximately 120 volts two-wire, 120/240 volts three-wire, or 120/208 volts three-wire as designated by the Utility.


Facilities Charge:
$10.00 per meter per month (for more information on the prorated facilities charge, see Terms and Conditions)

Energy Charge:
For the first 350 KWH - $0.06492 per KWH
For the next 1150 KWH - $0.04909 per KWH
For all KWh above 1500 KWH - $0.04563 per KWH

The minimum monthly charge shall be the facilities charge.

A late payment charge of three percent (3%) of all bills will be charged if the bill is not paid by the due date printed on the bill.

This rate schedule is available for single phase service only, except as required by the Utility. Where three-phase service will be used for commercial or industrial purposes, the applicable rate schedules will apply to such service.

   * Subject to the provisions of Appendices A and B

Outdoor Lighting Service

Rate Schedule OL

Available only for continuous year-round service to individual customers for outdoor lighting on private property.

The 175, 250, and 400 Watt Mercury Vapor lights are in process of elimination and are withdrawn except for customers contracting for service hereunder prior to December 31, 1999, and will not be applicable to any future customers. If service hereunder is at any time discontinued at the Customer's option, these lights (175, 250, and 400 Watt Mercury Vapor) shall not be again available.

For each lamp with luminaire and an upsweep arm not over 6 feet in length, controlled by a photo-electric relay, when mounted on a utility pole and service supplied from existing secondary facilities.


Type of Lamp Per Month
(95) Street Light - 250 Watt Sodium Vapor  $9.58
(93) Residential - 100 Watt Sodium Vapor $4.66
(94) Residential - 150 Watt Sodium Vapor $5.12
(91) Commercial - 250 Watt Sodium Vapor Flood $7.23
(92) Commercial - 400 Watt Sodium Vapor Flood $8.58
(97) Commercial - 250 Watt Metal Halide Flood $7.39
(98) Commercial - 400 Watt Metal Halide Flood $8.66

  * Subject to the provisions of Appendices A and B.

When other new facilities are to be installed by the Utility to furnish the lighting service, the Customer will, in addition to the above monthly rate, pay in advance the installation cost of such new overhead facilities extending from the nearest, or most suitable pole of the Utility, to the point designated by the customer for the installation of the lamp.

Contracts under this rate schedule will be for not less than one (1) year for residential or farm customers and not less than three (3) years for commercial or industrial customers. The Utility reserves the right to include in the contract such provisions as it may deem necessary to insure payment of bills throughout the term of the contract.

All facilities necessary for service, including fixtures, controls, poles, transformers, secondaries, lamps and other appurtenances, shall be owned and maintained by the Utility. All service and necessary maintenance will be performed only during the regular scheduled working hours of the Utility. Burned out lamps will normally be replaced within 48 hours after notification by Customer.

When the Customer requests the installation of a type and kind other than that set forth in this rate schedule, the monthly lamp charge shall be computed by the same formula and in like manner as the rates so designated.

A late payment charge of three percent (3%) of all bills will be charged if the bill is not paid by the due date printed on the bill.

All lamps shall burn from approximately one-half hour after sunset until approximately one-half hour before sunrise each day in the year, approximately 4,000 hours per annum.


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Non-Recurring Charges

Description of Charge Charge

Dishonored Check Charge $20.00

Reconnect after Disconnect
For non-payment Charges
At the Meter 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM $30.00
At the Pole 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM $50.00
After Normal Hours $70.00

Connect Service  
Same Day- Customer Requested after 12:00 PM $30.00

Meter Test $35.00

Service Call Labor $40.00 per hour
(1 hour minimum)
Material As needed

Meter Tampering Charge Labor $50.00 per hour
(1 hour minimum)
Material As needed
Electric Usage Estimated usage at
Appropriate rate