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Power Quality for Residential Customers

The definition of Power Quality:

"Electric power quality is the degree to which the voltage, frequency, and waveform of a power supply system conform to established specifications"

Power-quality related problems can be linked to the growth of new electronic technology. Not only is the new equipment we're buying today more sensitive to power-quality issues, but in addition, can be the source of the problem.

At RP&L we believe customer service is a partnership to which we offer many value-added electrical resources.

A typical Power Quality investigation would include determining if RP&L's voltage, frequency, and harmonic distortion is within specifications. If the problem is on RP&L's equipment, we will take care of the issue. If it is not, we will be more than happy to assist you in finding the problem and giving you recommendations in solving the problem.

Contact our Meter Department at 765-973-7370.